DIY: Alhamdulillah Journal


    “If you are grateful, I will give you more” Surah Ibrahim, Ayah 7

Here is an idea for a simple habit to start with your kids, students, or yourself- an Alhamdulillah Journal!

The purpose of the Alhamdulillah Journal is to focus our attention on the MANY blessings that Allah has bless us with, and to make it a habit to reflect upon these blessings daily. Simply purchase a notebook or use one that you already have at home!

YOU: This can be something you do every day when you wake up or before you go to sleep. Spend a few minutes jotting specific things that you are thankful for that day!

KIDS: This can be easily used with your kids. Have them draw a picture or write a sentence (depending on their level) describing something they did that day or that week that they are grateful for!

STUDENTS: Teachers can designate an “Alhamdulillah section” in their students’ notebook or binder. In this section, students write a detailed sentence about something they are thankful for.  This can be done as a bell work, at the end of class, once a week, or as needed to have students reflect. Challenge the students to always have original entries and never repeat a blessing!

Having an Alhamdulillah Journal works for ALL ages. Being thankful is a habit we need to instill in ourselves and our children…why not start with a simple journal?!

Here is a nice Alhamdulillah Journal Label  that you can print to label your journal to serve as a reminder of the beautiful verse where Allah (SWT) tells us that, if we are grateful, He will give us more!

  1. Print: Alhamdulillah Journal Label
  2. Label your journal!
  3. Be thankful!

May Allah give you more and more, in this life and the next!


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