Arabic Days of the Week

Whether you are learning or teaching the days of the week in Arabic, here are some resources that would be very useful!

Use #1: Flashcards

Use the flashcards around the house or in a classroom. Attach Velcro or magnet strips to the back and reference them daily. Have your child/student take responsibility for changing and reading the Arabic day of the week .




Use #2: Chart

You can print the chart and use a clothespin to identify the day of the week.


You can also use the flashcards to play a matching game or even a memory game!

Get creative and use them any way that benefits you, your child, or students!

Here is the handy dandy printable: Days of the Week in Arabic Printable

We recommend printing on card stock, cutting, then laminating for durability.

May Allah allow us to use every single day of the week to please Him!

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