Wudu Chart (Printable)

Making Wudu is one the most essential skills a Muslim must learn to do as a prerequisite for Salah (prayer). Here is a resource that was created to help make the learning of that skill much easier for all, especially young ones who are being introduced to wudu for the first time.

This is a golden resource to help teach your child/ren, students, friends or family how to perform Wudu! It is also a helpful guide for new Muslims who could use a visual guide.

This can be used at home, in the Masjid, in the classroom, or even as party favors for your Salah Party! Simply print on color cardstock or paper of your choice and laminate (for durability)!

One simple printable can inspire the love of Wudu in your child’s heart!

Bismillah – here is the printable: My Wudu Helper PRINTABLE


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