Dua after performing Wudu (Printable)

Childhood is a great time to learn and memorize as many dua as possible to implement into daily life. Here is a great dua to add to your dua kit: The Dua After Performing Wudu

We make wudu several times a day, so knowing the dua to say afterwards is a chance to bank on some extra good deeds after ever ablution! Here is a useful resource that can be used at home, in the Masjid, in the classroom, or even as party favors for a Salah Party!

Simply print on card stock and put it in a picture frame to match your decor! You can also laminate it and hang it as is!

This would go great next to the Wudu Chart that can be found here: Wudu Chart Printable

Bismillah – here is the printable: Dua To Say After Completing Wudu Printable

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