**GEM** Six Types of Sadaqa (Charity) & Audio STORY!!

When people think of sadaqa, the first thought that usually comes to mind is giving money. Here is a beautiful hadeeth about sadaqa that demonstrates and teaches us the that one can give Sadaqa (charity) in different ways.

This hadeeth can be taught all at once, or it can be broken down into two or three lessons.

You can have your child or students monitor and journal the acts of charity they do during the day or week to encourage them to pay more attention to their actions. We want to remind ourselves and teach our kids and students to be conscious of every action we make. A small deed can go a long way!

Bismillah… Here is the printable: *GEM* Hadith Different Types of Charity

Here is a story you can have your child or students listen to to identify the different types of Sadaqa (charity). Let them think about what happened next and identify things they do and can do on a daily basis. The possibilities are endless! 

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