After Salah Athkar Sheet

Salah is the most essential ingredient to our life, and perfecting our salah is a goal we all should try to work towards on a daily basis! Our actions before and after salah are also crucial in enhancing our khushoo and connection to our Lord. There are several duaas that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to say after salah. We should try to learn and memorize these duas and make them a habit in our daily salah routine.

To make that habit easier to build, this printable was created: Athkar Al-Salah: The duaas/words of remembrance to say after salah.

This printable can be used to guide individuals, as well as family after they make salah together! Though the Athkar Sheet includes many duaas/tasbeeh, you can start with one, and make that one your goal to recite after every salah. Once that one is mastered, you can move on to the next one, until you are familiar with them all, and they become a part of your salah habit, InshaAllah!

This is also great to use with kids/students to help build their athkar habit from a young age!

We recommend laminating this sheet (for durability) and placing it in your salah area for easy access!

Tip: to motivate your kids/students, laminate this sheet and have them check off the ones they read with a dry erase marker!

The goal is to build familiarity at a level where you and your kids/students will feel successful, InshaAllah!

Bismillah… Here are the PRINTABLES:

After Salah Athkar COLOR

After Salah Athkar BLACK & WHITE

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