Takbeerat Al-Eid

As Ramadan approaches, many parents and teachers start brainstorming ideas and activities that they want to do with their kids or students to take advantage of this blessed month!

Well, we have the perfect project for you… Introducing The 15 Du’aas in 30 Days Series!

The goal is to instill and inspire new habits in our kids and students to learn, understand, memorize, and use these du’aas daily. These are valuable tools, taught to us by our Prophet Muhammed (SAW), which we are giving to our children to help them remember Allah throughout their day.

In less than 15 minutes a day, your child or student can learn a new du’aa, Insha’Allah!

TIPS on how and when to use:

  • Make use of car rides or downtime at home to learn these du’aa!
  • Before iftar is a prime time to take advantage of learning these du’aas. These videos and worksheets will help the time go by faster while everyone is anticipating Maghrib.
  • Teachers, a few minutes during bellwork or when transitioning between classes/activities are great opportunities to introduce and learn these du’aas.
  • Tie incentives to every du’aa learned or when a child uses it during the day!
  • Have a fun with it, and remember that for every du’aa that your child or student learns, it will be a good deed recorded for you every time they use it, for the rest of their life, Insha’Allah!

Takbeerat Al-Eid!

Bismillah… here are the resources:

  1. Eid Takbeerat VIDEO: this breaks down the du’aa for easy learning and practice!
  2. Du’aa Decor: This Eid Takbeerat Part 1 and Eid Takbeerat Part 2 sign goes along with the video that can be used as a reference. Ideal for hanging around the house or classroom as a reminder of the du’aa, or to post on a du’aa wall to motivate and remind your child.
  3. Eid Takbeerat Worksheet: that goes along with the du’aa, ideal for a child/student to work on while listening to the du’aa to aid them in listening to and memorizing the du’aa!
  4. Eid Takbeerat (Two on a Page): You can print these out to give to children at the Masjid, for your Eid Party, classroom, story-time, or even in goodie bags! The possibilities are endless! We recommend folding in half and laminating.

We hope you are as motivated as we are to learn these du’aa and teach them to others!

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