99 Names of Allah Decals Part 4: 74 to 99

Many of us can think of teachers we had in the past that have had a significant impact on us. Whether it was the way they taught us or the way they treated us, there was something special that stood out and made them memorable.

This post is dedicated to one of our teachers who did just that – left a beautiful mark on our hearts and memories in so many ways, most of which were very subtle, SubhanAllah!

What stood out the most about her was the way she incorporated the remembrance of Allah in every subject and activity that we did in school. As a part of her classroom décor, she would post the 99 names of Allah around the classroom, which she hand wrote in beautiful calligraphy. It served as a visual reminder to us as students to always remember Allah, as a well as reference for His Beautiful Names.  

Inspired by our teacher from grade school, we made these Names of Allah Decals to post at home, work, or school! For anyone who uses or benefits from these, may it be counted as a Sadaqa Jariyah (continuous charity) for our dear teacher!

We suggest printing on color paper, cutting, and laminating for durability. These will last for years, Inshallah!

You can color coordinate them or make a pattern! 

May this be an inspiration to you, your children, and everyone who uses or sees this, to build a strong relationship and love for Allah SWT through His names!

Bismillah… Here are the Printable: Name of Allah Decals 74 –  99




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