Du’aa for the Funeral Prayer (Salatul Janaza) **When those we Love Pass – Series**

Death is a fact of life that we strive to prepare for daily. In some cases, it comes after a long illness, and in others, it happens suddenly. We pray that Allah inspires us to reflect upon death regularly and prepare for it everyday.

The structure of Salatul Janaza (the Funeral prayer) is different from the regular daily prayers, as it does not contain ruk’oo or sujood. After the third takbeer of the janaza prayer, we make the du’aa below for the deceased.

A tip to help understand and memorize this du’aa is to focus on its opposites:

We ask Allah to forgive…..

  1. Our living and our dead
  2. Those present and those absent
  3. Our young and our old
  4. Males and females

This printable is available for the purpose of helping you read, understand, and eventually memorize this du’aa! It can also be used as a resource to teach your kids or students.

*** There is a specific version made (four on a page) to fit in your wallet or purse to have handy whenever you find yourself having to pray Salatul Janaza. Taking a quick look to review before the prayer will help improve the quality of our du’aa and overall prayer for your fellow Muslim.

May Allah makes us a source of du’aa and goodness for our fellow Muslims when they pass, and for each of us to be the receiver of that du’aa and goodness when it is our turn to be prayed upon.

We recommend printing in color and laminating for durability:

Bismillah… Here are the printables:

Du’aa for the Funeral Prayer (Full page)

Du’aa for the Funeral Prayer (Two per page)

Du’aa for the Funeral Prayer *** Wallet Size (Four per page)

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