Du’aa when Visiting the Grave **When those we Love Pass – Series**

Visiting the graveyards is a sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and there is a du’aa we are taught to say when visiting the graveyards. With this du’aa,

One part of the du’aa states “we, by the will of Allah, shall be joining you”. So visiting the graevyards is a means for us to remember where we will one day end up. We do not know the year or location of our death, but it is for certain we will on

  1. Send peace upon those who have passed
  2. that One of the to make duaa for those who have pasesd. It also serrves aa remnder for us to reflect on how we are spenid and making use of our time above ground,

Bismillah…here is the printable: Du’aa for Visiting the Grave

We recommend to print on card-stock and laminate for durability.

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