Qur’an Princesses Athkar Sheet for Kids!

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This is a perfect resource for Ramadan, Laylatul-Qader, Thul-Hijah, and any other time during the year.

We revamped our Athkar Sheet to make it kid friendly and included our Qur’an Princesses characters!

You may print this athkar sheet for your kids to use at home, for your students to use in the classroom, or give them out as gifts at your next Qur’an, Salah, or Ramadan party.

What we love about this sheet is that it has the hadith that reminds us of the reward for each one, keeping in mind that the reward from Allah (SWT) is unmeasurable. Inshallah, this athkar sheet will be the motivation for your child to instill and build the habit of constantly remembering Allah (SWT) and always keep their tongues moist with His remembrance!

We recommend printing on card-stock and laminating for durability.

Bismillah… Here is the printable: Qur’an Princesses Athkar Sheet for Kids

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