Prophet Yunus: Story & Game

A wonderful way to teach important stories we’d like our children to learn is by telling a story in a creative way.  In this case, we take the stories of the Prophet’s and summarize them in a simple manner while highlighting key words to keep them engaged.

As we read the story, we created flash cards of key words that are capitalized throughout the story.  Upon reaching the key word, we lift the corresponding flashcard to have the audience read along out loud.

Afterwards, what better way to finish than by playing a fun game?  The options for games are endless, and will reinforce the details of the stories in a fun and engaging manner!

In this case, we tell the story of Prophet Yunus which you can find here: Prophet Yunus story and key words. In this story we learned the importance of being patient, never giving up, and dua- always calling out to Allah (swt).

Afterwards, we played a simple game using questions from the story along with the highlighted key words as a word bank.  Teams were formed and bonds were made as brains were churning!

Teams took turns answering questions and moving the appropriate steps after rolling the dice.  The first team to have their teammates reach opposite ends of the trail won the game!  You can find details for the game by clicking here: Prophet Yunus game activity!

Bismillah- Game on!

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