Du’aa for Sajdat-Al-Tilawah: Prostration of Recitation when Reciting Qur’an

As I was sitting in the Masjid one day, there was a couple of students having Qur’an class. One student was reciting Suratul Alaq. When the student finished the Surah, she made Sajda (prostration) after the last ayah, then said a du’aa in her Sajda. Her teacher smiled, gave her a high-five, and said “Good job, looks like you memorized the du’aa!”

I was so intrigued that after they finished I approached the teacher and asked her what the du’aa was that her student had made. I then discovered that if there is a Sajda (prostration) in any Surah, that there is a recommended du’aa to say when we are in that Sajda.

I was so excited because I learned something new!

We wanted to share this valuable lesson with everyone. We created this easy to use printable so that you can teach this to your students, children, or share it with someone who will benefit, Inshallah.

We recommend teaching this du’aa when your child or student is learning a Surah with a Sajda in it. This way they can practice the du’aa whenever they are practicing and reciting the Surah, Inshallah.

We suggest printing on color paper and laminating – for durability. 

After looking into it, we found two different adʿiyah. As a result, this printable has two pages to choose from:

  1. Page 1: Contains two different adʿiyah on one page which you can cut in half and teach the one of your choice.
  2. Page 2: Contains both adʿiyah when printed you can fold and laminate or glue it. This way the child has both to learn or choose from.

Bismillah… Here is the printable:
Dua’a (Supplication) for Prostration Due to Recitation of the Qur’an

Note: adʿiyah means more that one du’aa.

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