Time Capsule Activty

Making a time capsule is a wonderful way to reflect on the importance of time, as well as boosting excitement to being more productive!

Take the opportunity when doing this project to reflect on Suratul Asr. Breakdown your day with your child or students, to see where their time is going and what their spending their time doing throughout the day, week, month, and even year.

Talk about goals and what they want to accomplish as an individual and as a family.

They say “time flies” and by doing this project with your child or students you will see that it does. The question is, where is our time flying? We need to teach our children or student to always invest their time this way: (1) live life with belief, (2) do good deeds, (3) advise each other with truth and (4) be patient, – as outlined in Suratul Asr.

Enjoy this activity with your child or students, to build habits and memories, that Inshallah will last for a lifetime and beyond!

Bismillah… here is the printable: Time Capsule Activity + Instructions

Pictured is our Time Capsule Kit we made before we filled it with goodies! It includes the instructions page, Surah Asr page, a plastic container, a label, and we even included a timer to use in our home to keep track of time when we are in need of a productivity push!

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