Simple and Beautiful CRAFT to Build the Love for Allah

Here is a great craft idea to build the love of Allah (SWT) that kids are sure to LOVE!

The great thing about this activity is that it guarantees a beautiful finish regardless of the age of the kids, with the help of some painter’s tape.

Who says it’s limited to kids- adults can definitely enjoy this as well!

The end result is lovely and makes a fantastic art piece that serves as a constant reminder of Allah.

All you need is a canvas, a paint brush, painter’s tape, and SOME PAINT! 🙂

  1. Prep the canvas by taping the word “Allah” with painter’s tape. This can be done in Arabic or English.
  2. Paint the canvas.
  3. Once the paint dries completely, remove the tape slowly and uncover your beautiful masterpiece!

This idea can be used for Islamic Studies class, a playdate, Salah party…. the choices are endless!

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