Du'aa when learning Qur'an Craft

Whenever we do anything we should always renew our intention and purpose. When we came across this du’aa we fell in love with it. It is a beautiful way to start to recite the Qur’an, renew our intention, and make our Qur’an reading more intentional.

You can print it as is or make it fun with a simple craft for kids to do when introducing the du’aa before reading Qur’an.

They can place this in their Qur’an folder or binder or even hang it in the area where they practice Qur’an. It is also a good way to remind children to renew their intention before reading Qur’an.

You can do this craft after reading the book Qur’an Princesses!

Simply choose the colors of your choice. Cut the empty heart template and use one piece of painters tape to tape it on top of the du’aa heart. Then have your child dab a little of paint on the cotton-ball on the du’aa sheet. Repeat until du’aa sheet is covered. When they are done, remove the empty heart and allow the du’aa heart to dry.

A beautiful beautiful du’aa:

Oh Allah, please make The Generous Qur’an a spring for my heart, and a light for my chest, and a remover of my sadness and problems.

Oh Allah, please teach me from the Qur’an what I have not yet learned, and remind me of it what I have forgotten, and grant me its recitation throughout my nights and days.

Oh Allah, please lighten my vision with the Qur’an and ease its recitation upon my tongue in the way that will make You pleased.

Oh Allah, please let me understand, apply, learn, and memorize the Qur’an.

Oh Allah, allow me to be a Walking-Talking Qur’an.

Bismillah… Here is the Printable: Du’aa before reading Qur’an & Empty Heart Template

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