Bulletin Board: How Did YOU Remember Allah Today?

We should constantly be thinking of Allah SWT and different ways to please Him. Unfortunately, sometimes we get off track or we forget.

This bulletin board or door design was created to inspire, remind, and reinforce the phrase: How did you Remember Allah (SWT) Today?

The pretty awesome thing is that this questions has millions of unique answers – seen and unseen. We want this to be a reminder for our children, students, teachers, parents, and anyone who passes by. May it be a means to remind us to think of Allah SWT and be grateful to Him!

Bismillah… here are the printables:

How did you remember Allah today?

How did you remember Allah today Thought Bubbles
We have included some empty bubbles for you to fill in 🙂

May Allah SWT allows us to always remember Him and encourage others to remember Him constantly!

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