The Ultimate Arabic Alphabet Bubbled Letters

A super awesome printable that allows you to do endless projects when teaching the Arabic Alphabet.

You can print these on white paper or card-stock and have your students or children glue things on them, around the outlines, or just color them in.

You can have them glue things on the sheet that start with the same letter as the letter your teaching. For example, if your teaching the letter ‘Ψ³’ they can put a picture of samakah (fish), sama’a (sky), and sahen (plate), around the letter. It would be pretty cool to include words that are found in the Qur’an that start with the same letter.

They can even paint, finger paint, or use the do-a-dot “markers” from the dollar store, to color in the letter.

Laminate these and have kids use push pins around it to outline the letter – this is great for fine motor skills.

Even print it on color paper and have the kids cut it out – which is also good for fine motor skills.

The possibilities are endless!!

To be honest it does not require a lot of planning on your part – be creative and do awesome things with your children or students!

Most importantly…. HAVE FUN learning the Arabic Alphabet!!

Bismillah… Here is the Printable: Arabic Bubble Letters

Share this with all the teachers or moms you know who teach or want to teach their students and children the Arabic Alphabet!

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