Du’aa when Hearing Thunder

Boom! Like a really BIG BOOM!

Yes, that was a very scary sound for my kindergartner. Every time when it started to thunder, during the school day, he would come running to me because he was SUPER afraid of the sound. He was a brave kid, but the sound of thunder was his point of discomfort.

One day, it was really bad and as they say: it was raining cats and dogs, with thunder every two minutes.

I stopped teaching and took this as a learning opportunity.

We learned the du’aa when we hear thunder – we talked about it, repeated it several times, and discussed the meaning.

It was an excellent teaching moment to teach the du’aa and put it into practice right away.

This is a great du’aa to teach when teaching about seasons. Also, perfect to hang in the classroom, so when it starts to thunder, it can be a reminder for you and your students to recite.

Bismillah… Here is the printable: Du’aa when Hearing Thunder

This du’aa can be found in Suratul Ra’d Ayah 13 (13:13).

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