Du'aa for Visiting the Sick (2) + Worksheet

One of the girls from our basketball team, who NEVER misses practice, was late to practice. As my coach called her to see where she was, her facial expression changed then she smiled and said “Don’t worry it will be purification for you, Inshallah.”

We all stopped bouncing our basketballs and paused to ask our coach what happened. She then told us that our friend was sick. Our coach put her phone on speaker and made us repeat the du’aa together for her.

A very simple du’aa to teach your children or students to say to someone when they are sick. We have included a printable worksheet as well!

Here’s an idea, print the worksheet and give it to the child who is feeling sick to color in or work on when they are at home.

Here is the Home Decor Printable: Du’aa for Visiting the Sick

Here is the Worksheet: Du’aa for Visiting the Sick Coloring Sheet

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