Hadith and Handwriting Series: Evils of Division

We were recently looking for resources to help our upper elementary and middle school students practice their penmanship (in both manuscript and cursive), a skill that seems to be decreasing in these days of technology, more so during the major shift to online learning.

This inspired an idea….

To make penmanship lessons more meaningful, we decided to create handwriting practice lessons that have an Islamic theme associated with them. The goal for these posts is to provide a week long lesson that incorporates penmanship with Islamic text (hadith, du’aa, or Qur’anic verse) to practice. InshaAllah these lessons will help serve multiple purposes, including instilling an appreciation and understanding of the timeless words and wisdom of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

We recommend that each students has their own handwriting binder or notebook. You may print these sheets out for them or you can print out the Hadith poster and have them copy it in their notebook.

The Hadith poster is designed to print and hang in the class or Hadith wall. This is helpful for the student, so they can refer back to it and remember it when needed.

For each Hadith we have included a video to help you and your child or student understand the true meaning.

This is a suggested sample lesson plan for the week, to make it as easy as possible when adding this to your child or students learning schedule:

Day 1:Day 2:Day 3:Day 4:Day 5:
Listen to the explanation of the Hadith and discuss it. Narrate what you understood from the hadith
Cut and Paste
(Print the hadith, cut out each
word or couple of words, and have the student put it together
like a puzzle)
Make a sign, picture , story, or comic about the Hadith to teach it to others.

Recite and explain it to a family member, friend, or classmate
Recite, write, or explain the Hadith without looking
Write the Hadith
(Cursive or Print)
Write the Hadith (Cursive or Print)Write the Hadith
(Cursive or Print)
Write the Hadith
(Cursive or Print)
Write the Hadith
(Cursive or Print)

Bimillah… here is the printable:

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