Inspirational Cards for Kids- Praying for the best life!

I always wanted to get something in the mail. It finally happened. It was the summer that I was going into 3rd grade. A colorful envelope with a card came in the mail. I was ecstatic! I kept it forever!

It was a du’aa card from my teacher welcoming me to her class in a couple of weeks. It was a moment that had left an impact on me until this day. I am sure I learned so much that year, but what I remember the most was the card I got in the mail!

We wanted to recreate those memories for all kids and we wanted to make it easier for you!

All you need to do, is print the card, personalize it, laminate for durability, then send it off.

Side Note: We do recommend purchasing the Eid Stamps when buying stamps from your post office 🙂

To be honest, this might take a little time, but the impact and positive memory it leaves with a person is priceless.

You can use this for many occasion:

  • Beginning of the school year (for students, teachers, or parents).
  • First day (or any day) lunch note to place in your child’s (or anyone in your household) lunchbox.
  • Randomly send to a friend to brighten up their day.
  • Send to your nieces and nephews before the start of the school year.
  • Someone who is going through a tough or happy time.
  • Pass them out as a party favor or halaqa favor 😉
  • Give to kids or adults to use as a bookmark.

The possibilities of bringing a smile to someones face are endless!

We recommend printing on card-stock and laminating.

Here are the printables… Bismillah

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