Penmanship: Surat An-Noor Ayah 35

Practice makes perfect right? This theory has been tested over and over again. We can say that it’s a pretty accurate statement.

One way to improve your child’s handwriting and or cursive is to have them practice.

We thought why not put together some penmanship sheets for kids to use not only to to benefit them in writing but to also expose them, let them learn, and reinforce different ayat, hadith, or anything related to their deen. Two birds with one stone (also a pretty good theory that has been tested and approved).

Studies have show that writing things by hand positively affects the brain, it’s actually a workout (not for your hand) for the brain. Writing is a great studying technique to help retain information. So why not build on this habit.

This can be used in your classroom as a Smart Starter (aka bell ringer) or for daily penmanship or cursive practice.

Each penmanship worksheet includes Arabic and English, there are also lines for cursive and dotted lines for print.

Bismillah.. Here is the printable: Surat An-Noor Ayah 35 (Ayat An-Noor)

Note: This printable is 8 pages long. Skim through it to print the layout which is best for you.

Enjoy this penmanship series! Don’t forget to share with anyone you think will benefit!

Question or comment? Is there a certain du’aa, hadith, or ayah you would like us to create? Feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

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