DIY Eid Yard Sign

It’s that time of year again- alhamdulilah!!! Eid, Eid, Eid- everywhere!

From the sweet aroma of freshly baked goodies in your home to the neatly wrapped gifts gathering aside- it sure smells and feels like Eid!

Bright lights of dรฉcor shine through the halls as endless goodie bags filled with happiness galore pile up- stuffed with delicious candies and endless knick-knacks to soon discover. Yup, it definitely looks and feels like Eid around here!

A super fun way to add to your Eid vibes is a DIY Eid Yard sign! Yes- you read that right! A dazzling, colorful, homemade sign to yell out EID MUBARAK to anyone and everyone in sight.

It’s a fun activity to engage your children, family and friends- anyone who is wanting to share the Eid spirit!

DIY Eid Yard Sign

What you’ll need:

-Scissors and/or exacto knife


-Ruler (optional)

-Spray paint (make sure it is durable for plastic!)

-Corrugated Plastic Sheets (You’ll need 10 18″ by 24″ pieces; You can achieve this by purchasing 1 extra large piece that can be cut into 10 pieces, or purchase precut sheets)

-10 Yard Stakes (If you purchase precut sheets, they may often come with yard stakes)


  1. First thing’s first- make sure as you gather your supplies, let us set the intention right: let us work on this activity to increase the love of our beloved holidays that Allah has blessed us with. May we become closer to Him in worship and in spreading the joy of His deen!
  2. Let’s have a little fun! If you need to cut out our corrugated plastic sheets, you may do so now. The goal is to have 10 sheets about 18″ by 24″ each.
  3. Drawing out your Letters! *But wait a quick second! Before you start writing your letters out- make sure the rim of the plastic sheet is facing upright to where you can slide it into the yard stake with the letter facing upright. Otherwise, your letter will be laying on it’s side (*ahem* take note of “M” in “Mubarak”- a recycled “E” we had messed up because of the edging- ha! Next Eid, we’ll edit the “M” a bit, inshallah! Lesson learned for the remaining letters & to be flexible when working on this project!)
  4. Now that you have your plastic sheet facing the right way- you may draw out your letters. The 10 sheets should be enough to write out EID MUBARAK and perhaps have extra to draw a few sheep, starts, crescents, etc. Ideas from your imagination can be endless! You may freestyle your letters or even use a ruler to precisely measure out your letters. Bubble letters? Straight edges? Cursive? You can be the own boss of your fonts! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, don’t forget you may have extra parts remaining that you can recycle into additional yard signs, and can purchase extra yard stakes as needed.

  5. Once you’ve traced your letters- you may use scissors or an exacto knife to cut out your letters. * Be careful from the sharp edges and make sure you’re cutting on a surface that won’t be damaged such as furniture, fabric, carpet, etc.
  6. Spray paint time! It is best to spray outdoors- you may place a plastic sheet outside and lay your letters on top. Have fun with it and spray paint each letter to your own liking. You may paint the same color, paint patterns- use your creativity!
  7. Once your letters of dried, you pay place them in the yard stakes.
  8. Your DIY letters are now complete and ready to assemble on your lawn! EID MUBARAK!

We would love to see your amazing creations! Send us an email or tag us on social media!

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