Before Sleeping- Sunnah Du'aas (Part 2)

Going to sleep… the highlight of the day for many adults! As we prepare to get comfortable and recharge our bodies from the day’s work, it is important to end the day on the best note possible: by remembering Allah (SWT).

There are several athkar– words of remembrance- that the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) taught us to say before sleeping.

Here is a resource that compiles them all for easy access, with the intention of helping you build your athkar habit before sleeping.

Major Tip: You may notice there are many options of du’aas and verses to recite. Start off by selecting ONE, master it, and after being consistent with it, add on a second, and so on!

This would be an AMAZING habit to start together as a family!

Bismillah… here is the printable: Before Sleeping – Sunnah Du’aa (Part 2)

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