Islamic Month Banners: Thul-Qadah & Thul-Hijjah

Alhamdulillah for the blessing of making it to another month! In an effort to bring awareness to the Islamic Months, we have created an Islamic Month Banner for the months of Thul-Qadah & Thul-Hijjah. These banners can be used to hang in your masjid, school, classroom, home, or office.

Have your kids or students cut out the banners and decide on where to hang them- the kitchen, family room, on the board, student desks, or even on the front door of your home or classroom!

We recommend printing on cardstock and laminating for durability so you can use it every year, InshaAllah! Print as many as you like and spread the awareness of the Islamic Months! 

Bismillah… here is the printable: Thul-Qadah & Thul-Hijjah

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