Dua’a for Love and Unity

Two of your favorite uncles, that you love unconditionally, never talk to each other. As a kid you don’t really understand how that can even happen. You overhear the reason and you think logically, that doesn’t make sense, if they apologize then they can be friends again.

Those are the innocent and logical thoughts that we have when we are young. When we grow up we realize there is a lot of fitna that aims to breaks the ties of kinship and family bonds.

This is a beautiful dua’a to teach to ourselves and to our children. You can read it together as a family after Salah and encourage your child to read it whenever they need.

Kids argue and fight, that is part of the cycle of life. How about we teach them to say this du’aa when there is friction, build that habit.

Teach it part by part so that your child or students can understand it.

We recommend laminating for durability!

Bismillah… here is the printable: Du’aa for Love and Unity

Want to pass these out to your class, halaqa, or as party favors?

Bismillah… here is the printable with four on a page: Dua’a for Love and Unity (4 on a page)

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