Letter ج Activity and Worksheet

Here is an idea for a creative way to teach three of the Arabic Alphabet (ج ح خ):

You see, there are three brothers in the Arabic Alphabet: ج ح خ . Each one of them has a funny story for your child or student to remember.

Everything he saw he ate, everything you can think of. One day letter ج was riding a camel (جمل), towards a mountain (جبل), on a beautiful day in Jamad Al-Awwal. He packed a lunch that included carrots (جزرة) and coconut (جوزة الهند). He got tired and wanted to take a break. So he got off his camel (جمل) then sat down to admire the beautiful large mountain (جبل).

He opened his lunch box, recited the du’aa for eating, then began to munch on his carrot (جزرة). He loved his carrot (جزرة) because whenever he ate it, it made a unique sound. You see when you and I eat a carrot (جزرة) we hear: crunch crunch, however, when letter ج eats a carrot (جزرة) he hears: Ja Ja. He felt like the carrot (جزرة) was calling his name. He smiled and continued to eat. When he finished his lunch, he was still hungry (جوعان). He looked everywhere around him and everything he saw he ate. Suddenly, his stomach started to hurt so so SO much. He laid down and fell asleep. When he woke up he saw his camel (جمل) next to him and felt his stomach, there was a dot there. He never seen it before. He stood up and his camel (جمل) smiled, indicating that he liked the new look. Letter ج realized that this dot was because he was always hungry (جوعان) and ate so much to the point that his stomach would hurt.

Now he had a reminder, every time he got hungry (جوعان) he would touch his stomach and remember that he can eat but does not have to eat everything. He rode on his camel (جمل) looking at the beautiful mountain (جبل) in Jamad Al-Awwal with a new beautiful dot in his stomach. This dot would fill him up whenever he was hungry (جوعان), now he never had to eat everything around him again.

For the letter ج, we put our hands on our stomach and say “Jeem – Ja – Jew’an” (Hungry!) to teach the child the sound the letter makes, as well as visual to help remind them that the letter has a dot in its ‘stomach’.

We have created a worksheet for the child to trace and identify the letter ج .

Use this worksheet any way you see fit. Some tips:

  • You can have the child use stickers, dot markers, or crayons to identify the letter.
  • On the large letter, the kids can either glue on pieces of construction paper or roll up and glue some tissue paper or even playdough.
  • You may have the child draw different things that start with the letter Jeem, or cut and paste various pictures that start with the letter Jeem and glue it into letter Jeem stomach.

Let the creativity begin!

Bismillah… Here is the printable: Letter ج Activity & Worksheet

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