Du’aa to Say After the Tashahhud (2) Forgiveness

We all make mistakes. Sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly.

We randomly came across this du’aa as when we were listening to the Imam give a short talk after Salah from Riyad Al-Saleehen. The meaning of the du’aa is beautiful and we had to share this gem.

Not only do we want to instill this habit in ourselves, we want to instill it in our children and students from a young age, so they can add it to their salah routine.

We created this printable for you to teach it to your child or students and have them build a habit of reciting it in their Salah after the final Tashahhud.

Take it slow, one line a day for ever couple days or for every week. Give them time to understand and memorize it, then move on and add on the next line, until they have mastered it.

May Allah SWT make us, our children, family, and students, those who are firm in their Salah!

Bismillah… here is the printable: Du’aa to Say After the Tashahhud

You may find this beneficial:

Al-Tashahhud Printable

Du’aa to Say After the Tashahhud (Part 1)

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