Du’aa for Protection from the Whispers of the Shayateen

Have you ever had a great idea that you were super excited about, especially because you knew you where going to get lots of good deeds, Khair, and baraka through it. Then all of a sudden, you start to doubt it, are unsure, or question it. Have you ever had negative thoughts attack you about something that is super silly.

Well, that is the Shaytan, trying to take any opportunity he can get to take you down, discourage you, and steer you in the wrong direction.

This is a simple du’aa found in Suratul Mu’minun Ayah 97 – 98.

This du’aa is beyond just a bad day or great idea. It teaches us to be aware of the whispers of the Shayateen and seek Allah SWT guidance.

It is a great habit to teach our kids. Have them understand and use it in these moments.

May Allah SWT protect us from the whispers of the Shayateen. May He allow us to be aware of it and always seeks His guidance. May He keep us going in the right direction, toward our ultimate goal, Jannatul- Firdos. Ameen!

Bismillah… here is the printable: Du’aa for Protection from the Whispers of the Shayateen

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