Surat Al-Fil Art Class

Surat Al-Fil is a wonderful story from the Quran that will teach children about the might of Allah SWT!  We simplified the surah into a story which you can find here (Surat Al Fil Art Class Story).

Check out these puppets made out of templates & popsicle sticks to help children tell the story along with you!  Instructions for this puppet craft can be found here.

Another favorite project for this Surah was making our very own snow globes using a rubber elephant toy, plastic birds, and glitter all in a mason jar!  We even added a laminated Kaabah in the background to complete the story in one project.  You can find a printout of instructions and templates for this art project here: Surat Al-Fil Art Class Snow Globe.


Materials needed:

-A clear jar or clear mason jar (we got ours from the Dollar Tree)


-A elephant rubber toy (Got ours from Amazon:


-White Plastic Doves (We got ours from Hobby Lobby!


-Epoxy Glue (can be found at Home Depot)

-Metal clamp

-Printed & laminated Kaaba (kaba1)


-Distilled Water


1. Print the Kaaba template, laminate, and cut. Leave about 1/2 cm around the edge as to not ruin the lamination. Set aside.

2. Use the epoxy glue to glue the rubber elephant to the bottom of the jar. We used the bottom of the glass jar rather than the lid, as so the ridge does not take away from the elephant.

3.  Figure where the laminated Kaaba will set behind the elephant from inside the jar.

4.  Estimate where the clamp will hold on to the Kaaba, and add a dab of epoxy glue to the back of the Kaaba. Use the clamp to hold the Kaaba in place as it dries. (Otherwise it would be impossible to hold and let dry!

5.  Allow the elephant and Kaaba to dry overnight.

6.  Once dry, remove the clamp and pour about 2-3 spoons of glitter into the jar.

7.  Place a few of the plastic birds into the jar.

8.  Pour about 1/4th glycerin and 3/4th distilled water.

9.  Screw on the lid tightly.

10.  Shake and enjoy!

Hope you enjoy these project ideas with your little ones as you inspire the love of the Quran and Islam in their hearts!

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