Ramadan Countdown to Eid!

When you are counting down to something, you are usually really excited about it. With Ramadan it’s different, it’s a bittersweet countdown, because you don’t want Ramadan to end, but you really want Eid to come.

This is a simple countdown for your child to keep track of the days in Ramadan. You can label the top with the first day of the week that Ramadan started on until the end of the week. This will be helpful for your child to be able to keep track of the days. You can even encourage them to write in the date.

They can color in the circle day by day. Have fun with it, maybe even have a color code for every day they fast and a color for 1/2 day fast.

Or print two copies, one on white paper and one on color paper and they can cut the circles out and glue them on everyday.

The possibilities are endless! Something simple and fun to add to your Ramadan tradition!

Bismillah… here is the printable: Ramadan Countdown

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