MAD Libs: Ramadan Edition Part 1

One of my favorite childhood memories was reading Amelia Bedelia stories. I now see the smiles and giggles in my own children as we read through these same stories together. They include many play on words of silliness that leave you turning for more. They’re engaging stories with a fun writing style that include idioms, homophones, and more!

One activity that reminds me of this style of stories are MAD libs. They’re fun activities that encourage creativity through writing, reading, and storytelling.

In these Ramadan themed MAD Libs, you’ll find a story filled with blanks to fill in with all sorts of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and more!

First, you’ll list words according to the asked category without reading the story. Then, you’ll plug these words into the blanks to complete the story.

This is a great activity for your child or students to enjoy during Ramadan or even throughout the year!

Now- the fun really begins! Read your stories out loud to hear what silliness has been created. It’s a fun way to get your family or class engaged in fun storytelling- that is, if you can get through telling the story with the bursts of laughs and giggles!

Ramadan Edition Mad Libs 1

Ramadan Edition Mad Libs 2

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