Inspiring the Love of Islam started with a simple idea to create fun and impactful activities for kids that plant the seeds of love for the deen.

But after coming up with several activities and ideas- we didn’t want to limit the impact to ourselves and our community. We wanted to share these ideas with others to benefit as many people, communities, and children as possible. That is how this blog was born!

Take these ideas and resources and do awesome things with them! We want to inspire you, so that you can inspire others to build a stronger love and relationship with Allah SWT, the Prophet (SAW), and the deen.

These resources can be used at home, in the classroom, at a halaqa (spiritual gathering), the masjid – pretty much anywhere! Be creative and let the sky be the limit! Let us work together to inspire and plant the seeds of love of Allah SWT that will grow and spread for generations to come, Inshallah!

We are so glad you’re here and hope to see you often!

If you have any questions, comments, blog requests, or want to join the team, drop us a message in the contact section.


Noor Omar is a native Texan, born and raised in North Texas.  She graduated with her bachelor’s in sociology from UTArlington and is currently taking Tafsir with Al-Huda Institute.  She is a homeschooling mom to 3 daughters and believes in the importance of teaching Islam through stories, crafts, and positive associations.  She finds passion in building positive memories for children when it comes to the deen, ultimately inspiring the love of Islam in their little hearts!

Ezdehar Sultan resides in Tampa, Florida. She is an educator with over ten years of experience and is currently an administrator at one of the top Islamic Schools in the country. She loves finding creative ways to help herself and others, especially kids, develop their relationship with Allah, and of course, instill the love of Islam in their hearts.

Suad Sultan is an author and educator with over twelve years of experience. She loves taking her passion of teaching and infusing it with the deen. She enjoys creating and coordinating various activities that instill the love of Islam, in children’s hearts, that will not only build positive memories, but a long lasting connection with Allah SWT and the deen, Inshallah.  Currently she is a homeschooling mom who enjoys baking, sports, and learning the Qur’an.