Kid’s Du’aa Booklet

Dua’a is a powerful form of ‘Ibada (worship) that helps us connect with Allah. Kids should be encouraged to make dua’a from a young age, and sometimes it is helpful for them to write down the things they want to ask Allah for.

With that idea in mind, we would like to introduce……the Dua’a Booklet for Kids!It is a simple booklet made with the intention of instilling the habit of making dua’a in young Muslims.

This booklet can be made and used anytime. Here are some tips for when to use them:

  • On Fridays
  • Before Ramadan: to prepare a dua list to use throughout the month
  • The last 10 nights of Ramadan
  • The first 10 days of Thul- Hijjah
  • An activity for a kids halaqa or Taraweeh Club
  • During weekend school or Islamic Studies when teaching students about dua’a

You can print the first page, cut it in half, and staple other colored papers with it like we did in the picture. Or you can print it out and fold it to make it like a booklet then staple it. Whatever works for you!

Bismillah… Here is the printable: My Personal Dua’a Booklet for Kids Cover

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