Good Deed Idea for Thul-Hijjah- Day #9 ~Today is Arafah!!

Bismillah hir Rahman ir Raheem

Today is the big day, the greatest day of the year… ⛰ The Day of Arafah ⛰ 

Fill your day with as much DUAA as possible, especially between Asr and Maghrib. Block that time out and take advantage of this blessed opportunity to ask Allah for all that your heart desires!

When making duaa:

💜 Praise Allah, and call upon Him using His names (will list a few below for your reference)

💜 Send prayers upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

💜 Acknowledge your blessings and thank Allah

💜 Seek forgiveness for your sins and shortcomings 

💜 Be as present as possible when making duaa, asking Allah from the depths of your ❤.  Be as passionate in your conversation with Allah as possible, just as you would be if talking to a best friend

💜 Be vulnerable, and even cry when making duaa. Really dig deep during your duaa session 

And again, let’s remember to include our fellow Muslims around the world in our duaa 🤲

Let’s not let this day pass like any other day…let’s roll up our (duaa) sleeves and give it our all…Bismillah 💪 

Here are some Names of Allah for your reference:

Al- Hady  The Ultimate Guide

Al-Razzaq The Provider/Sustainer

Al-Wahhab The Giver of Gifts

Al-Salam The Ultimate Source of Peace

Al-Kareem The Most Generous 

Al-‘Aleem The All Knowing 

Al-Hakeem The Most Wise 

Al-Haleem The Forbearing 

Al-Mujeeb The One Who Responds to All

Al-Fattah The Opener

Al-Baseer The All Seeing

Al-Ghaffar The Ever Forgiving

May Allah accept all of your deeds and duaa 🤲

The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said: “The most excellent dua is the dua on the Day of Arafah, and the best of what I and the prophets before me have said, is “There is nothing that deserves to be worshiped in truth except Allah, He is Alone and has no partner, to Him belongs the dominion and to Him belongs all praise, and He is All-Powerful over all things.'” (Muwatta)

لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له ، له الملك ، وله الحمد ، وهو على كل شيء قدير

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