Letter خ Activity and Worksheet

Here is an idea for a creative way to teach three of the arabic letters (ج ح خ):

You see, there are three brothers in the Arabic Alphabet: ج ح خ Each one of them has a funny story for your child or student to remember.

One day, letter خ was taking a walk in the park, when all of a sudden, something fell on his head. Some people say it was a rock, others say it was a ball of lettuce (خس), and few say it was a peach (خوخ), there are many more theories, so it really depends on who you ask.

But whatever it was that fell… IT HURT! Letter خ was in so much pain he yelled out “Akh” (the sound made by the letter خ).

So for the letter خ, we put our hands on our head and say “Akh – ya rasi” (Oh- my head!) to teach the child the sound the letter makes, as well as visual to help remind them that the letter has a dot on top of its ‘head’.

We have created a worksheet for the child to trace and identify the letter خ .

You may also do a craft for this letter, maybe a sheep (خروف) with cotton balls. Bake some bread together (خبز) and sprinkle something on top to symbolize the dot. Remind your child that it was good (خير) that this happened to the letter خ because if it did not we would not have the letter خ, and we can’t imagine the world without the letter خ.

Use this worksheet any way you see fit. Some tips:

  • You can have the kids use stickers, dot markers, or crayons to identify the letter.
  • On the large letter, the kids can either glue on pieces of construction paper or roll up and glue some tissue paper or even playdough.

Let the creativity begin!

Bismillah… here is the printable: Letter خ Activity & Worksheet

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