Du'aa when Visiting the Sick (1) + Worksheet

I remember visiting my friend’s mother who was really sick. One of my peers, who joined us later, brought dinner and fruits for the family, to ease their burden during these difficult times.

She immediately sat next to my friend’s mother and started to recite the du’aa for visiting the sick several times.

I remember this so vividly, because as I was pulling up into their driveway I started to think, what du’aa should we say when we visit those who are sick.

This is the perfect du’aa and we wanted to share it with you, so that you can learn it, then share it with your children or students.

Bismiallah… Here is the printable: Du’aa for Visiting the Sick

Bismillah… Here is the worksheet: Du’aa for Visiting the Sick Coloring Sheet

You can find this same du’aa in our book Qur’an Princesses!

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